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    Okay, so I’m confused on Justin’s true feelings regarding *NSYNC. He invited the other four guys to the VMAs himself and didn’t seem to be miserable performing with them, yet I do believe in some ways he thinks he’s too good to do the boyband thing anymore. What gives?

    Biggest question of life

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"President Kennedy would be laughing, a look of sheer joy on his face, as if the sight of the children and his beloved Hyannis Port made all the worries of his office disappear for one brief moment. He would stride straight to the golf cart, hop behind the wheel, and yell, "Anyone for ice cream?"

"Yay! Ice cream!" the kids would yell, as they piled onto the golf cart around him. There might be ten or twelve piled onto that cart, sitting, standing, hanging off the sides. The president would take off down the driveway, a huge grin on his face, and cut across the lawn behind Bobby’s house, toward his house, in an effort to lose the Secret Service follow-up car. He’d end up in the driveway of his own house, which fed onto Irving Avenue, hang a right, and then a left onto Longwood.

You could hear the kids screaming, “Go faster! Go faster!” from two blocks away. At the corner of Longwood and Wachusett Avenue, next door to the post office, there was a tiny news store that had ice cream and candy. Everybody would pile out and order their icecream cones.” 
- Clint Hill (Mrs. Kennedy And Me)
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